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Access systems



Building industry and architecture has become more complicated and more innovative with time. This means that access systems must follow this trend, and this is precisely what our engineers are working hard to follow.


To identify the need and to come up with the best possible solution, our engineers can assist with advice and guidance. This is done with extensive experience and a lot of knowledge among employees in KOLTEK.



Some of our systems:

Koltek® systems are fitted with the most unique solutions through time. Therefore, we have good experience to solve your access problem. The Koltek system is used both inside and outside of buildings, bridges, pipes, boats, Industrial applications, handicap access, transportation of parts in a factory, etc. 


Contact us and we will refer you the distributor in your area or give you a free and non-binding offer if we do not have any distributors nearby your location.



Getting all around a ship or a platform may represent a challenge, when the necessary inspection or maintenance has to be done. Koltek offers a monorail based access system, cost-effective and flexible.


Inspection/maintenance inside;

With Koltek Access Systems installed on your ship you don’t need to lose money or time on scaffolding. The rigging and derigging of our single suspended platform on already installed monorail systems takes only a few minutes.


Statoil ship Aasgard

Statoil chose KOLTEK system for access to the flame tower on the Aasgard A oil production ship. The 80-meter monorail carrying a service wagon gives easy access for flare tip removal. It is cheaper than using a helicopter and more effective than scaffolding. 

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Do not hesitate to contact one of our engineers we are looking forward to hearing from you.
Sebastian Sopel

Technical Manager

Tel: +47 906 56 345

Mail: sebastian.sopel(a)

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