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The production company for KOLTEK access systems was established in 1983 under the name KOLTEK AS. The name is a composition of "Kolbotn" and "technique". The activities have since included the development, production and marketing of access systems for inspection and maintenance of buildings.
Our projects include commercial buildings, public buildings and bridges, as well as ships and offshore platforms.


Our goal is to offer a flexible and easy "access" system that addresses any access problem where other opportunities may be too complicated or costly during installation and use.


The development of the company from the beginning and until today:

1983    The beginning went over 2 years in which the basic products were developed and tested at a number of places in Norway and Sweden (home market). The results of this work led us to the next stage.


1985    In this phase, the market was extended to several countries from different continents.
In the next few years were a product range of substantial width was established.
KOLTEK was now regarded as a comprehensive provider of access systems.

1987    focus has been directed towards the further development of existing products, as well as active promotion of these. The strategy was to maintain its position as technological leader in the industry, where product development was priority. KOLTEK expanded sharply in the following years and now we sells access systems construction for about 40 countries with an established network of contacts in Europe, Asia, America and Australia.

1999    The company was taken into Mjørud group and name was changed to Mjørud KOLTEK AS. The new ownership structure would make Mjørud KOLTEK prepared for the implementation of an active global market strategy. Existing markets should be processed and new should be sought.
Mjørud KOLTEK AS had adopted the policy that future economic growth would be achieved through the development of both staff, products and markets.
The investment company that owned Mjørud group chose in 2002 to sell all companies in the group. Mjørud Rakkestad was bought back by previous owners and Mjørud KOLTEK was bought by Askim Mek Verksted AS

2002    KOLTEK production was moved from Ski to Spydeberg to get closer to the new owners. The company was first established as AMV KOLTEK AS, a subsidiary of AMV, but year after dissolved as a separate company and moved to Askim as a separate department in the building to AMV in Askim.

2003    From spring 2003 KOLTEK been manufactured and supplied by Askim Mek Verksted AS department KOLTEK. The products were essentially the same as in the 90s, but our own engineers also took on challenges in the design of relatively complex access systems. Among other things, it constructed a roof-machine for a bank in the UAE. This was provided but not followed up with more. It was hard to get good profits on such machines.

2010    From this year was the organization of KOLTEK as separate department dissolved and KOLTEK name linked only to the product group - one of several from Askim Mek Verksted AS


2015    Glava Group has decided to sell out AMV-KOLTEK. Breivik Holding and VM-Group have bought AMV. During this process, several employees have bought out the Koltek department from AMV. Koltek AS is established and continues to operate as an independent company.


KOLTEK® - a trademark registered in the EU: CTM No. 229039
(CTM stands for Community Trade Mark)

KOLTEK access systems are produced in aluminum. The products are easy to install / customize the different types of buildings. Aside from some consoles performed in steel, manufactured rails, platforms, suspended scaffolding, roofcar’s and main parts for "trolleys" in aluminum.
There is established an efficient logistics for materials in which 70% of what we sell is produced by quality-conscious suppliers and sent directly to the construction site. The remaining 30% will be completed and tested in our workshop before dispatch to the customer.


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