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Fall arrest


Fall arrest
Personal Protective Equipment


Koltek®AS is a certified dealer of Fallprotec® products.


When working at height the worker should be secured at all times.

There is always a risk of falling and it is the building's owner that is responsible for ensuring that security is adequate and accessible at all times when working at height.


Therefore, all buildings have a separate fall arrest system in accordance with a fall arrest strategy.






In recent times it has become stricter regulations and KOLTEK has acquired more knowledge in this subject. And with the extensive experience and new knowledge we can tailor solutions for your demand.

We have long been affiliated with one of the leading European manufacturers of fall arrest systems; Fallprotec SA.


After many years of partnership, we have good experiences with the products' ease of use and the quality of the products.


Contact us and we'll help you with your desire, whether it is a unique system or if you know what products you’ll need.

Anker 1



Anker 2


Harness tempo 2 anchor points
Versatile 2 points harness with automatic buckles and extension back anchorage ring
Elastic 2 points harness with automatic buckles
Multifunctional full body harness 5 anchor point
Sit harness Urban, Working seat, Automatic braking descender
Sit harness Urban 4 anchor points
Harness Prolight 2 anchor points
Automatic descender capacity 1 person
Automatic descender capacity 2 people with hand crank for retrieval
Automatic descender capacity 2 people
Ultra compact block fall arresters
Half moon carabiner triple action lock in aluminium
Do not hesitate to contact one of our engineers we are looking forward to hearing from you.
Sebastian Sopel

Technical Manager

Tel: +47 906 56 345

Mail: sebastian.sopel(a)

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