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Supert! Meldingen er mottatt.

Tel: +47 400 34 536

Industriveien 17

1890 Rakkestad




The company KOLTEK was established in 1982 and is today one of Europe's leading suppliers of access systems. Koltek activities include development, design, production and marketing of access system for inspection and maintenance of buildings, bridges, ships, offshore installations, hangars and more.



Koltek AS owners:

Kjell Haga, Sebastian Sopel, Even B, Søvik, Freddy Risan and Roar Løvmyr.




Kjell Haga
Kjell Haga

Managing director

Tel: +47 400 34 536

Mail: kjell.haga(a)

Sebastian Sopel

Technical Manager

Tel: +47 906 56 345

Mail: sebastian.sopel(a)

Roar Løvmyr

Workshop Manager

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