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The production of our access systems are done both by selected sub suppliers and at Koltek's production plant in Rakkestad, Norway. This gives us a flexible production with good and reliable capacity. Koltek supervisors make the inspection of production processes and final control both at our sub suppliers and at our own premises.


Our employees are mainly technical educated personnel involved with design, sales and project management.

In the workshop we do the final assembly and testing of our friction climbing cats, trolleys, ladders, gantries and platforms.

The installation and service team takes care of installations in Norway and gives support to our dealers around the world.


KOLTEK® has developed a cost-effective access system and main elements are patented. Prefabricated parts are transported directly to the construction site to save costs.


Work safety, speed of installation and productivity are the three main concerns our skilled staff considers when designing each system.


Our main products are aluminium tracks, manual and electrical trolleys, suspended platforms, roof machines, ladders and gantries. The products are easy to install and adjust, they are flexible and “made to measure” as well as standard components.

Your Local Contact

We are represented by local companies in almost all countries round the world. Please give us a call for more information.


Extensive testing is carried out so that the equipment and solutions we provide experienced with absolute quality. We believe simplicity defines quality and that is why our customers are attesting our solutions very user friendly. With the right mindset, skilled staff and extensive experience, we (Koltek®) deliver world-class quality. With our systems, installation and maintenance has never been easier!

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